Sunday, August 15, 2010

When do you gear up Christmas

I know it's a ridiculous question for most people - but truthfully, I'm one of those crazy people who could own a year round Christmas shoppe, and yeah it has to be spelled like that.

Whether it was just the way the magic was created for me when I was a child or my own brainwashing by always listening to Christmas carols when I was falling asleep at night, there it is.  I became a full-fledged Christmas Junkie.  I could make toys for kids, bake cookies, make crafts and decorate all year round.  For me Heaven will be that I actually pass away and awaken in a white snowy wonderland with the Arora Borealis streaking across the sky, surrounded by magical elves and caring for reindeer with one goal in mind - to remind and restore mankind's hope for peace and love eternal.   That's not too much to ask for, right?

So here it is only August 15th, the hottest month of year in Florida and most anywhere in the northern hemisphere, but my mind is completely filled with ideas for making hand-painted Christmas cards, cookie recipes, gilding a tree, making wreaths and drowning in a sea of colored paper and ribbon.

Our Christmas Eve tradition:  Baking one last batch of sugar cookies, having home made Strombolli, driving around to look at the houses covered in Christmas light displays, watching a Christmas special together around the tree and just spending time together.

This year will be particularly special for us, because my Bud (my husband) was booked on a year long US speaking tour.  He leaves this September 9th and then will only be able to come home at Thanksgiving and Christmas and then won't be home again till late June of 2011.  We've spent the last 14 years of our marriage together and for the most part working together as well.  The majority of those years we've been together 24/7 so this is going to be a whole new world for us as a family.  He's not even gone yet and I'm already looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So for me this year - Christmas holds even more promise, hope and magic than usual.  I cannot wait!

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